Teen Learns That Flushing Things Down the Toilet Can Lead to Embarrassment

Teenagers can drive you crazy. We have two teenage daughters. I asked both of them when they started to use tampons to never flush them. I showed them how to properly dispose of them in the bathroom wastebasket. One time the dog got into the garbage, and it embarrassed the younger one to no end. I had no idea she was flushing the feminine products until we had to call for sewer cleaning in Rockland County NY. You think her embarrassment was bad when the dog got into the trash? Well, when the camera they use to inspect the drains showed what I saw, she got really embarrassed while I got a little angry. I can understand teen emotions. Mine were all over the place when I was a young woman. Now my husband and I are dealing with a combination of two of me and him!

The guys who were cleaning out the drains never blinked an eye. The older one told me that he had seen much worse that was flushed by kids that clogged the drains. I was afraid to ask. He told me he has removed everything from clothing to stuff people tried to hide from the police. Since this was not evidence, and I am very grateful for that, he said the powered drain snake would make quick work of it. He had the drain fully unclogged in less than 10 minutes. I was going to spend the next couple hours lecturing a teenager and threatening to take her allowance to pay the plumbers.

Yes, I was very frustrated, and I did not want her repeating the behavior. So, we worked it out that she would never flush tampons again, and that she would take more responsibility for cleaning the bathroom and emptying the waste basket. I told her that she is not the only one to learn how to keep things clean due to embarrassment. I told her about the time the dog I had as a teenager ran outside with underwear from my overflowing clothes hamper.

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