Started Racing a Bike Most Mornings

This started out informally. I was trying to get back in shape, but I can not really run too well because the impact makes my knees really sore. So I got a second hand ten speed bike and I started riding in the park. I live across the street from a long series of parks around Buffalo Creek and so long as it is not rainy you can ride for a long way on a trail beside the creek. I met this guy, he says that he learned to be a personal trainer at the Our schedules overlap it seems and over time the two of us have started to race our bikes. Of course the bike racing is my entire fitness regime, but for him it is just one piece of a puzzle. He is talking about working his way up to a half triathlon. I can not swim very well,so that sort of thing is not in my future.

Apparently the guy already runs something called a sprint triathlon. I think that you swim for around half a mile, then you ride your bike for 20 kms and you run five kilometers. Aside from the swim I could do that fairly easily, but obviously these guys are competing against one another and they are going to be trying to do all that in a pretty shorts time. He is working up to an Intermediate distance, which is pretty much twice all that. Of course he is not going to be pleased with just doing it. he wants to be able to do it as fast as the other people can. It is something that does not interest me at all, obviously because I think that I would probably drown if I tried to swim that far.

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