Rural Living with the Essentials Such As High-Speed Internet Service

It is incredible, especially since we are beyond the first decade of the new century that Includes widespread availability of broadband Internet, but rural areas still suffer from limited Internet choices. Some places do have cable Internet. If you can get cable TV, then you can usually get their Internet service. DSL, even though often slower, is iffy for rural areas. The house needs to be close enough to the electronic infrastructure that supports it. Fiber optic is out. Rarely does FiOs run out in rural areas. We checked to see if we had Frontier Internet availability where we lived. We did, so we ordered it.

I do not have any complaints. The kids are happy streaming their videos and playing their online games. My wife watches her drama on her tablet while she sits out on the covered deck, and I can upload and download large image files back and forth with my publishing agent. Plus, we get the solitude of our rural lifestyle. Hardly any traffic travels the road at the end of our driveway. We like it here.

We do not hear any highways, planes fly very high overhead (no noise) and the only disruption to sleep might be the crickets or the croaking of frogs down at the pond. I am in no hurry for the modern grid to fully get established out here. That would mean that a whole lot more houses have been built. The companies are only going to pay for infrastructure when they have enough customers.

We bought the acreage around us so we could remain isolated even if the area gets built up. We will never sell. We sit back from the road in the middle of 200 acres of wooded and farmland bliss. We have well water, a septic tank, electricity from the electric company and high-speed internet that works just fine for us even though we can be power users at times.

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