Prices for Composite Decking Installation

I am really tired of wood decks, because they do not seem to last long enough, even if you put in a lot of work to try to protect them from the elements. I had to replace the deck that came with my house when I bought it some years ago, because it was rotten in a lot of spots. I am not going to go with wood again, and instead I am trying to find pricing info on composite decking by Timbertech UK. I want to know how much it is going to cost for the actual materials for the deck, and also how much it is going to cost to have it installed at my house.

When I discovered that my first deck was rotting in a lot of spots, I thought about trying to rip out the boards that were rotting and then just to replace them all, and that way I would not have to pay for a whole new deck. I thought about it some more, and I decided to just replace the whole thing, and then try to keep better care of it going forward. To that end, I have stained the new deck and painted it, and even used products in doing so that are designed to help protect wood from the elements. But it rains a lot here, and so that makes it even harder to keep a deck in good shape.

Right now, the deck that I have does not need to be replaced, but it is showing much worse signs of wear and weathering than I would have expected. So I just want to get it replaced by composite decking and then never have to worry about it again. I think that would be an ideal solution to my current problems.

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