Painted Rooms As an Anniversary Gift

What do you get for someone who has everything? That is a dilemma that my sisters and I face every year when it comes to our parents’ anniversary. Getting them individual gifts is a little easier, but getting them one together proves to be very challenging every year. This year though, we finally figured out the perfect gift to give them. We decided to hire a painter in Bergen County NJ to paint their living room and bedroom a different color. If we have heard our father complain about the pink walls once, then we have heard it a thousand times.

Truth be told, our mom was not too keen on the pink walls either, but it was a lot easier for her to entertain her friends surrounded by pink than it was for our dad to do the same. It was a brilliant idea that my younger sister came up with after her boyfriend did something similar for his folks. We thought that it was perfect, especially since the price that her boyfriend paid was not expensive at all, considering the work that was going to be done.

My sister called the painter to see what it would cost to have two rooms painted. She gave him the dimensions and was even able to send him pictures so he had all the details he needed. We did not pick out a color because we felt that was something our parents should do. Once we had the quote though, it was easy enough to get everything started. We were able to show them different colors, and they picked out the two colors they liked best for each room. It took the painter and his crew just one day to get both rooms done, and he did such a great job. The rooms look absolutely fantastic now!

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