My Bathroom Has Seen a Lot of Action Lately

As a full time caregiver for a husband, who has some cognitive difficulties after a car accident last year, I have my hands full. Using the phrase “full time” seems like it would only be 40 hours per week, but when you are a caretaker, it means that you are working to help your loved one every single hour that you are awake. I was quite amused recently when I had to call for some sewer cleaning in Bronx NY because of what happened to our toilet.

My husband had recently taken to dropping things in the toilet. It is just a part of what happens with his thoughts after the vehicle accident that he had, and he can’t help it. I would often find myself amused to find he had dropped his shirt in the toilet. I could not find my wedding ring last month, and I was really lucky that I saw it sitting at the bottom of the basin in the water. Luckily, he had not flushed it. One day last week I chuckled when I found my childhood teddy bear sitting in the water. You have to laugh.

But last week, the toilet overflowed and I could not figure out why. I tried to use the plunger to figure out if whatever was causing it to be stopped up would push through. Little did I know that this was not a smart idea on my part knowing that many things had been dropped down there, and using the plunger could easily stop up the sewer line if an item got caught in there.

I had to call someone out right away to fix it. He used a tool to try to check to see if he could grab on to anything stuck in there. He ended up empty the water out of the tank and bowl. Then he had to remove the entire toilet. That was when he stuck a long tool down into the hold in the floor and found all sorts of things. He ended up needing to do a thorough cleaning to make sure he got everything out and he did.

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