Keeping Trees Pruned on Our Street to Prevent the Electric Company from Having It Done

Our street is lined with trees. Above them are power lines. The electric company hires a tree service to come out and cut back the trees below the lines. They are doing a contract job and do it quickly. We like the big maple in front of our house, but we hire a company that does tree pruning in Queens County, NY to come out and trim it. They keep it back from the power lines so it does not have to be trimmed by the tree contractors hired by the electric company. And you know what? Our tree looks the best out of all the ones on the street. Some of the other ones have their sides removed or big V-shaped cuts in them. Ours still looks like a maple tree.

We have every tree on our property from the small Japanese maples to the giant oak out back trimmed by the same company that does tree pruning in Queens County, NY for our maple out front. They keep all of our trees looking great. One of our neighbors remarked how our trees look healthy and visually appealing. This was after one of his oaks fell due to hidden rot. I explained to him about having trees inspected and trimmed on an annual basis to control their growth and watch out for rot that can lead to them falling and damaging property. The little bit we spend each year to have our trees maintained is far less than what it would cost to pay for an insurance deductible and higher rates for damages cost by tree damage. Also, our house has the most curb appeal on the street with a great deal of that being added by our good looking trees we have on our property. If you are going to have trees, keep them looking great by having them pruned.

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