If You Are Going to Quote Nutrition Science, Make Sure Your Facts Are Correct

It really is as simple as understanding there are health principles based on science. There are healthy eating tips backed by scientific research. It is not about some guy who lost weight eating grapefruits or drinking some juice. It is about real science, not that pseudo-science so many people seem to go in for. We look for a quick fix for everything. You are not going to find that when it comes to losing weight, gaining muscle and staying healthy. You cannot just drink a juice or take a pill to improve your nutrition. You have to look at and adjust every bit of food and drink you take in.

There is a lot of talk about moderation. Should you eat some foods in moderation? Yes, you should, but there are some things you should not eat at all. Processed meats may be one of those things. Is a sandwich made out of lean turkey breast better than one made from high fat ham? Probably. However, the deli counter should not be a source for your weekly calories. Every food and drink comes with a risk profile.

You know that thing about drinking red wine improving heart health? Have you heard that one? Well, the guy who did the research on resveratrol faked the data. So, there is no excuse now that drinking wine is good for you. However, do some doctors say it is okay for some of their patients to drink? Yes, but they warn about how much to consume. When was the last time you stuck to the limits your doctor recommended? That is why cutting out some things just might be better overall. If there is no proven health benefit, then abstaining lets you avoid all of the risks. Of course, what you choose is up to you and the level of health you desire.

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