Contractors for Roofing Repair in Manhattan

In a recent storm, there was some damage done to the roof of my house and it needs to be fixed, in order to prevent the future possibility of structural damage being done to the house, due to water damage. I am going to look into finding a highly regarded roofing contractor in Manhattan NY to have come over to my house, so that I can get a quote for what it is going to cost to get the roof fixed.

I am not sure exactly what happened, during the storm, that caused my roof to be damaged. I know that there were some pretty fast winds during the storm. But I don’t think that the wind alone is enough to account for the damage that was done. It looks like something struck the roof, but I can’t imagine what that would have been. I don’t know, and I am kind of at a loss. In some sense, I guess that it doesn’t even matter what happened, because the damage is done, and now I have to clean up the mess.

I am interested to know how much work is going to be necessary to fix the roof. I certainly don’t think that it will require a brand new roof being put on, but I don’t really know. All I can do is speculate, until I actually get a contractor over here to look at the roof, and the amount of damage. They won’t know either, until they look at it. I guess I could email a contractor some pictures, but it seems like it would be better for them to see it up close and personal. I know it is supposed to rain in the next couple of days, so with any luck, I can get the roof repaired by then.

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