An Apartment Suited Perfectly for Me

I have always lived in apartments. I grew up in one along with my sister, and I have lived in several since graduating high school. Now that I have a degree from the online university I attended, I knew I would be able to upgrade my living conditions. That meant a nicer apartment though, because I just cannot see myself ever living in a house. There is just too much maintenance involved with them! I wanted to find more information now about apartments that would allow me to bring my two cats with me, so I did a filtered search for that.

What I found is nothing short of amazing. The Creeks on Kirklevington apartments are definitely the nicest I have ever seen. They fit right along with my lifestyle too. Even though I live on my own, I also am an active member of the community that I live in. That is what is so unique about the Creeks apartments. Not only are there plenty of amenities to bring residents together, but they also plan activities that everyone can sign up for too. It was like having a social club right outside my door!

There was no way I could resist that, especially after seeing how nice the floor plans are. There were two different one bedroom units I could have chosen. One is a one story apartment with one bedroom and one bathroom. The other is two stories, with the bedroom and a second bath along with a living room upstairs. I was sorely tempted to get that one since the price was not that much more, but I knew that it would be a waste of space for me. The one bedroom, one bathroom is plenty big enough, and I really liked that it has a balcony as well. It is as if this place was made especially for me!

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