Getting Settled in My New Flat

When I got accepted to a university in Edinburgh, I knew that I was going to have to move closer. I was still living with my folks, which was nice for my finances, but it would be nearly a one hour commute each way. I would rather not waste two hours of my day going back and forth, so I started looking at Edinburgh university flats online. I knew that I could find something small and affordable, and I was not wrong. I found a great place that has private rooms with common areas that several of us would share.

The private rooms are spacious enough for a bed, a desk, a chair, and a dresser or chest of drawers. Some even had more in them! I was able to look at pictures of the different private rooms, and I was really happy with what I saw. The kitchen is shared between four private rooms, as is the bathroom and shower room. Continue reading

Painted Rooms As an Anniversary Gift

What do you get for someone who has everything? That is a dilemma that my sisters and I face every year when it comes to our parents’ anniversary. Getting them individual gifts is a little easier, but getting them one together proves to be very challenging every year. This year though, we finally figured out the perfect gift to give them. We decided to hire a painter in Bergen County NJ to paint their living room and bedroom a different color. If we have heard our father complain about the pink walls once, then we have heard it a thousand times.

Truth be told, our mom was not too keen on the pink walls either, but it was a lot easier for her to entertain her friends surrounded by pink than it was for our dad to do the same. It was a brilliant idea that my younger sister came up with after her boyfriend did something similar for his folks. We thought that it was perfect, especially since the price that her boyfriend paid was not expensive at all, considering the work that was going to be done.

My sister called the painter to see what it would cost to have two rooms painted. She gave him the dimensions and was even able to send him pictures so he had all the details he needed. We did not pick out a color because we felt that was something our parents should do. Once we had the quote though, it was easy enough to get everything started. We were able to show them different colors, and they picked out the two colors they liked best for each room. It took the painter and his crew just one day to get both rooms done, and he did such a great job. The rooms look absolutely fantastic now!

Teen Learns That Flushing Things Down the Toilet Can Lead to Embarrassment

Teenagers can drive you crazy. We have two teenage daughters. I asked both of them when they started to use tampons to never flush them. I showed them how to properly dispose of them in the bathroom wastebasket. One time the dog got into the garbage, and it embarrassed the younger one to no end. I had no idea she was flushing the feminine products until we had to call for sewer cleaning in Rockland County NY. You think her embarrassment was bad when the dog got into the trash? Well, when the camera they use to inspect the drains showed what I saw, she got really embarrassed while I got a little angry. I can understand teen emotions. Mine were all over the place when I was a young woman. Now my husband and I are dealing with a combination of two of me and him!

The guys who were cleaning out the drains never blinked an eye. The older one told me that he had seen much worse that was flushed by kids that clogged the drains. I was afraid to ask. He told me he has removed everything from clothing to stuff people tried to hide from the police. Since this was not evidence, and I am very grateful for that, he said the powered drain snake would make quick work of it. Continue reading

Keeping Trees Pruned on Our Street to Prevent the Electric Company from Having It Done

Our street is lined with trees. Above them are power lines. The electric company hires a tree service to come out and cut back the trees below the lines. They are doing a contract job and do it quickly. We like the big maple in front of our house, but we hire a company that does tree pruning in Queens County, NY to come out and trim it. They keep it back from the power lines so it does not have to be trimmed by the tree contractors hired by the electric company. And you know what? Our tree looks the best out of all the ones on the street. Some of the other ones have their sides removed or big V-shaped cuts in them. Ours still looks like a maple tree. Continue reading

If You Are Going to Quote Nutrition Science, Make Sure Your Facts Are Correct

It really is as simple as understanding there are health principles based on science. There are healthy eating tips backed by scientific research. It is not about some guy who lost weight eating grapefruits or drinking some juice. It is about real science, not that pseudo-science so many people seem to go in for. We look for a quick fix for everything. You are not going to find that when it comes to losing weight, gaining muscle and staying healthy. You cannot just drink a juice or take a pill to improve your nutrition. You have to look at and adjust every bit of food and drink you take in.

There is a lot of talk about moderation. Continue reading