I Needed Some Cash Fast

I have always managed to pay my bills on time, but that changed about two years ago. I ran into some financial difficulty because I got sick and had to miss nearly three weeks of work. I only had a couple of sick days, so I went nearly a month without a paycheck. Some creditors were understanding, but others said their hands were tied. I was mostly concerned about my car, because I knew that if I did not pay it on time, it would be a negative hit on my credit report. I went to http://paydayloan.com.co after a friend suggested that I try to get a payday loan.

I had heard of these, but I never needed to use the services of a company that provides them. Since that changed with my month of going without a paycheck, I decided to check into it. My boss already told me I could work overtime to get caught up, so repaying the money was not a problem at all. I just would not have it for nearly another month. When I went to apply for the loan online, it was very simple and fast too. Continue reading

I Have Made Enough Money to Study Full Time

I have been going to University part time the last couple of months, but I think that I am going to be able to go back to full time studies now. In the summer I took a full time job working for a company that does carpet cleaning in Birmingham. They were the best place to get your carpets cleaned here. I was lucky in that I knew how to do the job fairly well, I had picked it up from my cousin. He worked for a company that did the same stuff in Manchester, but of course they let him take the van home, because there was less likely to be vandalism or theft if it was sitting in his driveway. At any rate he was not above doing a few jobs on the side and he would take me along with him some of the time. Continue reading