Just Get DSL and Save Money on Broadband Internet Service

Friends come over and ask me my Wi-Fi password so they can connect without using their cellular data. My relatives do it too when they come to visit. I do not have a problem with that. I do not go over any limits set by the provider in a month. Friends and relatives ask me what service I have because it is fast and they do not have any problems with it. I tell them to go to http://saveoninternet.us/dsl-internet/washington/puyallup/ to get the same Internet service that I have. I have had it for quite some time now.

When I tell my friends and relatives how much I pay, they are surprised. They are also surprised to find out it is DSL Internet service. Since cable has gotten popular, people have been gravitating away from DSL. However, if you want fast Internet that has a low monthly rate, DSL is the way to go. I think it is the speed ratings on the wireless routers that confuse people. Continue reading

Renting a Dual Control Vehicle

I decided a few years ago to start my own business. I am an excellent driver, and I have had more than a few of my friends ask me if I would teach their kids how to drive. I don’t mind teaching them at all, but it did make me think that there are probably so many others who need a good instructor for either their children or even themselves. It did not take me long to get everything in order, and I even found a dual controlled vehicle hire in case something happened to mine.

I wanted to be prepared on all fronts, because I knew that anything could happen. Even if it was not because of an accident, there were still a number of things that could happen, and I wanted to be prepared for them in each case. Continue reading

A Great Adhesive for Everything

I bought a set of posters from a local sale, and tried hanging them up with ordinary tape, but the posters kept falling down. I went to the store to look for something a little stronger, but all I could find was the average tape they always have on sale. Since my local options were useless, I looked online and found a site that sells 3m stuff. Rather than using simply tape, I decided to use a special adhesive that had a little more tack. The adhesive looks similar to clay, and can be easily applied to anything, and taken off in an easier manner than tape.

The adhesive arrived in the mail in a couple of days, and I put it on the back of my posters as I hung them on the wall. I had a poster for every room, and a few extra ones for the living room. The posters stayed in place miraculously. I began to wonder what else I could use the adhesive on, so I started putting it on random things. Continue reading