An Apartment Suited Perfectly for Me

I have always lived in apartments. I grew up in one along with my sister, and I have lived in several since graduating high school. Now that I have a degree from the online university I attended, I knew I would be able to upgrade my living conditions. That meant a nicer apartment though, because I just cannot see myself ever living in a house. There is just too much maintenance involved with them! I wanted to find more information now about apartments that would allow me to bring my two cats with me, so I did a filtered search for that.

What I found is nothing short of amazing. Continue reading

Still Looking for a New Job

I spent the day running around in a little truck for Reliant Energy in Dallas. I got this job reading meters for the time being. It is part time and I can still go around looking for work while I do it, because the guy above me is a friend of my Dad’s. Of course it is not a great job, but it sort of works for me in the short term. There are a lot of problems when you just go walking on people’s property. A lot of people in Texas have guns for one thing and a lot of them have dogs too. So you have to go in this with your eyes open. At least you better look out for pit bulls. Continue reading