Professional Web Design Lets Me Concentrate on My Products Rather Than the Website

Today it seems that you have to become an expert in too many things to make a go at your own entrepreneurship type of venture. One thing I was good at was photographing landscapes and objects. One thing I was not good at was web design. I know things such as the inverse square law when it comes to lighting a photography subject, but I know nothing on how to protect images used in an online portfolio from being misused. I needed professional web design help in order for me to have an online presence with no risk. I sell prints of all sizes to people at home and to business owners. For example, I make giant wall displays of metal prints of photos I have taken of sunsets, fall foliage and other scenes for commercial offices, and smaller ones for behind your couch at home. I also license the use of my images. I need people online to see what the products look like, but I do not want anyone stealing my images for personal use.