How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back: Tips for My Younger Brother

9GAG - Relationship diagramMy brother is five years younger than I am, and to be honest, we’ve never really had a lot in common. We love each other and we enjoy one another’s company, but I’ve always been much closer to my sister. We have more of the same interests, which makes talking easier. However, my brother recently entered his teenage years and started dating. Since then, we’ve had a lot more to talk about because he comes to me for advice on girls. He recently had a big breakup and wanted to talk about how to get your ex girlfriend back. I told him that was a very complicated topic and that there was no surefire way to restart a relationship. However, I did have a few tips that I passed along to him.

First, I advised him to give her some space. If he didn’t constantly call or text, she would have time to miss him and to remember the good things about the relationship.

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