Most Effective Diets for Losing Weight Quickly

I am a defensive tackle on my high school’s football team, and I am going into my senior season this year. Unfortunately, I let myself gain too much weight this summer, during the offseason, and as such, I am quite a bit overweight, even for a defensive tackle. I need to lose a good bit of weight before school starts, or it is possible that I could lose my starting job. I do not want for that to happen, so I am going to start to look into the most effective diet that I can find, to help me lose the weight I need to lose before school starts again.

I only have about a month left before the start of school, and I probably need to shed between 20 and 35 pounds before that happens. Right now, I weight about 330 pounds, and I definitely can’t show up to training camp for football weighing more than 310 pounds.