Will the Web Improve Your Life

I can admit it; I’m an Internet junkie. I spent most of my time surfing and engaging with the web in some form. Whether it’s on my computer, my Kindle or even my phone I am always connected to the Internet. It’s become an important part of my life, much like an extension of my life. From taking free online courses, reading Wikipedia or browsing the web to watch free movies online – it has become completely integrated with my day to day activities. I imagine that I am not alone in this and with the increase in access to Smart Phones thanks to cheaper prices and older models falling in their own price, more people are gaining easier access to the web which, in my personal belief, is important for all of humanity. The Internet is something that all people should have access to; it should become a standard human right to have access to the free education that it can offer.

Perhaps that is a stretch but I cannot help but wonder how many lives could be improved if they were given the Internet to act a basic source of research, information and education. Let’s not forget either how much free entertainment can be found on the web and it is not only limited to movies but to thousands of free books that Google and Amazon both have scanned, each offering them within their selected services. When I consider how much the Internet has given me, I can recognize how much opportunity I am given to be able to improve myself as an individual. Whether it is through education or spirituality, socializing or the raw depth of inter-connectivity and using apps that can make my life easier, the Internet has a plethora of options to help improve your lifestyle.

Started Looking at Tax Write Offs

I sort of have a good deal more income than I had expected and I have been looking at places where I can get a tax write off. Mostly I am looking for a local organization that supports education. I am not looking at anything more specific than that, but of course I want the money to be put to actual use. A lot of people do not realize it, but there are a lot of very wasteful charities and a lot which are straight up scams that do no good for any person who is not involved. Now there is a definite cost to running a charity. They all have overhead and they can not raise money without spending some money on salaries, office space, electricity and office supplies. All the stuff that you need to run any other for profit business has to be done in a not for profit enterprise too. In particular it costs you money to get people who can do a really good job at raising money.

The problem is that you have to figure out who is spending what when you give your money away. I got really mad once when I saw that I had donated some money to an organization which was not even using one third of the money to do anything of actual use. The guys who were running the place were making a lot of money and they had every cousin and girlfriend to a cousin on the books making a salary. It is easy to never think about that, but when you get solicited on the phone you should ask them how much of the money goes to the people they claim that they are going to help. It is a pretty fair bet that it will be half.

A New Job Opportunity Opens Up

It’s hard not having a job and having bills that need to be paid. I have bills for my utilities, bills for my food, and even bills for my car. I’ve been able to get temporary work and do some online work, but it’s not enough money for me. I need to find a job and I need it now. I heard from a friend that the Mandrien group would be working together with the Windward group and creating a website. Once mandrien builds windward website, there will be a lot of new jobs that will be available. This will be my chance to finally have a good job.

Usually when I hear about new jobs being available in my area, it’s usually in some field where I have no experience or have none of the required knowledge to complete the job. Many times, companies are reluctant to offer on the job training, as it requires money to spent on training people, and some time is wasted. Luckily for me, I already have the necessary skills needed for this new job. Since the chances are low that they will have on the job training, I’ll have a leg up on the competition.

I hear the jobs that will be available will have a high salary. After working at what is the equivalent of minimum wage for so many months, it will be nice to take home a decent paycheck. I’ll be able to afford more than just the bare essentials. I’ll even be able to make a few repairs around my home and to my car. The car is my primary method of traveling, and if anything happens to it, I’ll have to take the bus, which isn’t as reliable as having your own car. If all goes well, I’ll be taking my car to the new job.